Why Green 8 Gold?

“Protect Yourself From Mobile Phone Stress! Green 8 Gold is the only protection specifically designed to protect you from the latest high bandwidth wireless technologies”

The Only Protection Specifically For 3G/4G Radiation

Here’s a quick intro video explaining this technology:

Each Green 8 Gold is $39.95 USD


The first time we shot the video above about 2 months ago it was lost on a dead computer. Now it’s back, hope it helps you understand why this is so imporant…

New wireless technologies such as 3G and 4G networks and even the new high speed WiFi are more disruptive to your cellular metabolism because there is more data being carried on the signal. It’s actually the data pattern that is carried by the microwave that disrupts cellular function; so more data means more disruption.

Mobile phones are now emitting an even more disruptive radiation than ever.


Simply put, there is more data being compressed into this radiation than ever before and it is literally this data – the actual information pattern itself – which is disruptive to both your cellular communication and cellular transport mechanisms.

What does this mean?

Cellular communication is the way the cells in your body actually talk to each other in order to function together as a whole living organism. Cellular transport is the way the nutrients are carried into your cells and toxins carried out.

Dr George Carlo first explained this to me in such simple terms like this and it really makes sense.

There are two parts of the transmission from a mobile phone:

  1. The Microwave Signal – this is the carrier wave or high frequency wave and this carries the signal.
  2. The Information Pattern – this is your voice pattern or for text or multimedia a more complex pattern.

Nothing would happen without the Microwave Signal and it is these signals that are so deeply penetrating and absorbed readily by your tissues. However, once absorbed by the body it is actually the Information Pattern which causes the disruption to both cellular communication and cellular transport mechanisms.

Unfortunately 3G = More Information

More information (data) packed into the signal means more disruption.

This is the unfortunate result of compressing more data into a microwave signal – it causes more disruption to our normal cellular processes.

This is why we now have a new, more powerful Green 8 product to protect against the new 3G and 4G technology. It’s called Green 8 Gold and you are going to love using it.

The first time I used a 3G phone was just this past summer. I mean I had picked up friends iPhones before and they immediately gave me a headache so I never used them, but now it was time to upgrade my phone so I tried one out (knowing my Green 8 Gold prototypes were coming in a few days).

I literally couldn’t touch it without getting a pain in my head. It was the same as when I had touched an iPhone but this time it was my phone which is scary. I’m especially electrosensitive on an empty stomach but this new phone (droid) had a really heavy feeling. I never used it without a headset but still could feel it in my head just if I touched it or sent a text message on it.

When I installed the Green 8 Gold it was an immediate lightness that changed the energy of the phone. I had tried the regular Green 8′s and they had helped some but the Green 8 Gold made a huge difference. Since then I’ve found the phone very neutral to work with. I still don’t use it without a headset because I feel the less exposure the better but I don’t feel it in my head at all when I use it.

Green 8 Gold lasts for 1.5 years in a 3G/4G smartphone after which it must be replaced.

Before I got the Green 8, I used to experience a strange electronic queasiness whenever I used my cell phone. No I feel so comfortable with my cell phonethat I’ve cancelled my domestic phone service. The Green 8 has actually saved me a bunch of money.

Joe Chernetski


Now we’ve just posted some new videos on how to install the Green 8 Gold into an iPhone.

Since there are a few versions of the iPhones we’ve covered both the iPhone 3 and the iPhone 4. I think the iPhone 3GS is similar to the iPhone 3 but you can make a comment at the bottom of this page if that’s not the case – and then we’ll try to get ahold of a 3GS unit so we can show that also!

Here’s the iPhone 3 Green 8 Gold install:

And here’s the iPhone 4 Green 8 Gold install:

Each Green 8 Gold is $39.95 USD


I use the Green 8s in my cordless phones and I wouldn’t use a cordless phone without them. My two children both are so sensitive to cell phone use that they both get headaches whenever they use their cell phones. My son gets a headache as soon as he holds the cell phone near his head and the Green 8s have stopped that. My daughter gets headaches after using the cell phone and she also now has green eights and doesn’t get headaches anymore. Although I don’t get headaches, I know the Green 8s work and use them in my cell phone and my home cordless phone.

Sheila Liberman,


President of RPh on the Go USA, Inc.

Here’s some more feedback from users of the new Green 8 Gold:

Thanks again for recommending the Green 8′s for our cell phones. They work so great my wife and I installed them in both our phone and would never give them up. I spend an average of 5000 minutes per month on my phone monthly with peaks around 9000 minutes per month. I feel much less stressed out after long conversations and have found less MF static interference with my radio equipment. I did swap out a cell phone during a recent trip and misplaced my green 8 which not only drove me nuts but I developed burn like blisters around the inside of my outer ear which had never happened while using my green 8.

Jeffrey A Riggins


I was a cell phone virgin and I was really sensitive to the radiation. I couldn’t handle using my new cell phone. I was practically crying when I saw you and gave me that phone chip. It worked so well – 80-90% of the heat I felt was gone. I give them my highest recommendations.

S. Samuel Spencer

Eugene, OR

I received a Green 8 for Christmas 2003, I must say the most noticeable change is that the phone itself doesn’t become nearly as hot on those long conversations, something I did not experience with my previous cell phone radiation blockers. My assumption is that this very noticeable change is conducive to all the benefits I am receiving from less cell phone radiation. When you use a cell phone as much as I do (over 3 hours per day) you simply must have something to protect you from cellular damage.

Ravi Brounstein

Eugene, OR

Before you purchase any cell phone protection product you should make sure it does all of the following for you:

(I mean why not get the best that’s out there, right?)

It should be small enough to be installed inside the battery compartment of your cell phone so you won’t lose it. Stick on products often fall of – people come to us all the time after they lose their stick-on product. Of course they are happy to get a Green 8 that will never fall off.

It must lower the temperature of the phone when on long conversations.

If you feel effects from using you cell phone you must feel relief after installing the product.

The product must guarantee your satisfaction so you can decide for youself if it works for you. You should have plenty of time to test it out.

Seriously – I don’t want your money if you don’t love your new Green 8s. That’s why I have a solid 100% moneyback guarantee

I promise that you’ll love your Green 8s and I’ll give you a full 2 years to try them out for yourself. If for any reason you are not satisfied with them just send them back for a quick refund (shipping not included). No Questions Asked.

You see some products out there will actually feel like they are working when you first get them but will diminish in effectiveness over time. I know this doesn’t happen with the Green 8 so to prove it you’ve got a whole year to test it.

I know it’s a great product because without it I feel pressure on my head when I use a cell phone – this has eliminated that problem for me and can do a lot for you.

Each Green 8 Gold is $39.95 USD



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Davey Johnson February 10, 2011 at 4:09 am

Finally, the new 3g/4g green 8′s is here :) I’ve had the previous one for years and am excited to use one on my smart phone. I’m so tired of how hot my new phone gets without one! I also have been getting headaches as I’m fairly sensitive to EMF’s.
The green8′s have really been a blessing and have improved my mental clarity. I also as a male feel much safer now with it in my pocket.
I highly advised anyone especially with a child and a phone to get one.

Davey Johnson


Jeremy Kirles March 4, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Intend on buying this product for our iphones but also curious if this will work with ipad and if so will one work or should I order multiple? Thanks for any info you can pass along


Admin May 17, 2011 at 9:45 am

Hi Jeremy,
Yes, they also work on the iPad (all models). Thanks for the comment!


Julie Rima March 6, 2011 at 7:59 pm


I’m glad you showed this video so i know where to place the green 8. Here I had it in the wrong spot all this time because i only removed the back of my phone and stuck the green 8 on top of the battery. I did not remove the battery and place the green 8 on the inside.

one question: when i placed my green 8 on the back of my phone, i had to place the green 8 over a paper sticker that had my serial number and model number, etc. on it. will this make a difference in the performance of my green 8?

Julie Rima
Dubuque, IA

p.s. i will forward this website to my sister who is interested in the green 8.


Admin May 17, 2011 at 9:44 am

Hi Julie,
It actually doesn’t matter which side of the battery the Green 8 Gold is installed. Either side will work so you were still good ;-) . Thanks for the note of clarification though!


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